About Us

The Fort Worth Cats Baseball Club was founded by Jay Meadows in 1989 as a means to provide greater opportunities for baseball players in Texas to receive optimal exposure, publicity and notoriety from both college coaches and professional scouts. The program was handed over to Bruce Kirby, former assistant coach for Jay, in 1999. 

Since its inception, the mission of the Fort Worth Cats Baseball Club has been to provide an elite and competitive playing environment for aspiring baseball players through the each of the following:

  • Offering opportunity for the dedicated player to sharpen and develop the baseball skills needed to succeed at the next level

  • Emphasizing the importance of positive character traits such as teamwork, loyalty, and a strong work ethic

  • Maximizing the opportunities for our players to play at top-quality facilities and to compete against other top-level travel teams

  • Providing a highly skilled and committed coaching staff

  • Encouraging players to succeed both in baseball and in life