COLLEGE STATION - Named the Big 12 Player of the Year, Jose Duran is the younger brother of German Duran, who played for the RedHawks earlier this season and is now with the Texas Rangers. 

Q: Is there pressure to reach the majors like your brother? 

A: No, not really. Obviously they're big shoes to fill. Everybody kind of expects a lot. I don't look it like I have to do as good as him. You just go out and play hard. If you get there, it happens for you. If it doesn't, it wasn't my calling.

Have you always been a shortstop? 

I played it all my life until I got to high school. My brother was a shortstop. He's just two years older than me. I played third base and a little second while he was there, then moved back when he went to TCU.

Which major league player did you grow up wanting to be? 

Alex Rodriguez. He has everything you want. He has the swing, the size, the arm and the range.

Is the Big 12 everything you hoped it would be? 

Definitely. The crowds. The atmosphere. It's more of an adrenaline rush after playing in junior college. Last week against Texas they were into every pitch. 

You're the No. 1 seed but were swept by Texas. Any concerns there will be a carryover? 

No. Last weekend is done. What we did during the regular season is over. From here on, this is what you look forward to. Every game is so important. You just have to bring your A game and work hard every single day. Our goal is to be the last team standing in Omaha, win the whole thing.